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  • A Wide Range of Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Polyamide Glue Sticks - A Durable Solution
  • Granulats - for Bulk Systems or Pneumatic Glue Guns
  • avenia - a Clear Solution

avenia Hot Melt Adhesives

PO based hot melt adhesives made using Metallocen technology (BÜHNEN avenia) are thermally more stable than conventional EVA adhesives and therefore ensure safer processing. Even if the hot melt adhesive applicator is not used for a longer period of time, these adhesives boast a constant viscosity and unchanging processing properties thanks to their high degree of oxidation stability. The use of other high-quality raw materials also delivers considerable improvements for applications in the deep-freeze segment and even at higher heat stabilities.

Benefits of using BÜHNEN avenia products:

  • Adhesive costs are cut, as far less adhesive is consumed
  • Outstanding colour fastness and oxidation stability, no char
  • Lower maintenance costs since application technology is subject to less wear
  • High degree of process reliability thanks to lasting viscosity stability
  • Outstanding adhesion on tough substrates
  • Highly flexible at cold temperatures down to -20°C
  • High heat stability of up to +65°C
  • User-friendly processing, as all of the avenia products are odourless
  • Suitable for use in the food industry (FDA 175.105)


avenia Hot Melts

Product Application group Available shapes
  • Display and Packaging
  • Granulate
  • Display and Packaging
  • Granulate
  • Display and Packaging
  • Pillows
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