Hot Melt in the Concrete Industry

The use of hot melt adhesives in the concrete industry has considerably optimised the production process. Components for recesses in prefabricated components (e.g. for sockets) can be fixed to the formwork quickly and easily and can be removed again without leaving any residue once the concrete part has been completed. There is no need to use magnets or adhesive tape.

Be they conventional or water-based, the BÜHNEN hot melt products offer the ideal solution depending on the release agent used. The EVA or polyolefin-based products are characterised by their high degree of heat stability, in addition to being flexible at cold temperatures and offering an outstanding adhesive spectrum.

In the concrete industry, pneumatic hot melt adhesive applicator guns of the HB 710 series are mainly used when only a small amount of adhesive is required. Conventional hot melt adhesives are gently melted in these devices. Tank systems with gear pumps are deployed when more hot melt adhesive is needed. Here, too, different tank systems are used depending on the type or form of hot melt adhesive.