Adhesives for a Safe Labelling

Labels or display stickers for identification are a product’s calling card. Labelling means the process of applying labels to objects. An important area of application is labelling on bottles, jars and plastic or metal containers. This can be done by various methods, for which we offer both: water based and hot melt adhesives.

Labelling with BÜHNEN Hot Melt Adhesives

One result of the trend towards wraparound labelling is that the labelling industry is increasingly also using hot melt adhesives.

BÜHNEN offers many and varied solutions with adhesives based on thermoplastic rubber (TPRs) for the use of PP or paper labels on various different materials. These permanently sticky hot melts are suitable for applying it with a wide range of applicator systems. The labelling glues have a high hot tack, a low inherent smell and good thermal stability.

Labelling hot melt adhesives are ideally to be used with glass, PVC, PP, PET (suitable for carbonated drinks) and metal cans.

Where there is a need for larger quantities of hot melt adhesives, bulk tank systems are used. Depending on the type or form of hot melt adhesive we offer various different applicator systems, with tanks of capacities from 2 to 130 litres available.

Adhesives for a Safe Labelling