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Selbstklebende Ausrüstung auf Karton

Self-adhesive seals

Shipping boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials are equipped with a covered self-adhesive seal for later use and a pull strip for easy opening.

Due to the immediately adhering closure, the goods can be packaged at the end customer’s premises without any additional packaging material. The cardboard box can be stored flat and is only erected shortly before use. In this process, a pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive is generally applied to the packaging material over an area of up to 30mm wide, which is then immediately covered with a silicone paper in order to maintain the adhesive strength.

In the production of shipping boxes, envelopes and other packaging materials with adhesive seals, it is most important that the packaged goods are transported safely to the recipient even at changing temperatures, that the shipping packaging can be safely reclosed if necessary, and that the adhesive is applied cleanly and economically.


The right adhesive

Our pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives of types 1628.1 and 1631.1 meet all requirements for a clean adhesive closure. They have a very high initial tack, even after 24 hours, excellent flow properties and very good flexibility at low temperatures. The outstanding adhesion leads to a comparatively low consumption and thus high economic efficiency.

Your benefit:

Selbstklebende Ausrüstung auf Karton

  • Safe thanks to the strong adhesive forces and excellent flexibility at low temperatures
  • Fast thanks to a high initial tack, even after 24 hours
  • Clean thanks to very good flow and tear properties
  • Economical due to low consumption

The right application technique

Safer, faster, cleaner and economical adhesive application takes place

  • with the new HB 45 BS application head,
  • at high speeds (> 40m/min) with our HB 4000 series,
  • at lower speeds with the  HB 6000 series,
  • and perfectly matched heatable hoses and application heads.