Replacement of the bead needle set – service video

The nozzle drips or is blocked. The cause of this can be simply wear on the bead needle set and nozzle insert. That is why the bead needle set should always be replaced together with the nozzle insert.


Shipped back expertly

Marco RiemerPerhaps your hot-melt adhesive tank system needs to undergo maintenance, or perhaps instead of 20kg hot-melt adhesive, 200kg was delivered. The reasons for a return shipment can be diverse. The purpose of our RMA form is to ensure that the return shipment goes smoothly. As follows we'll show you the "streamlined" way to deal with a return shipment.

On our homepage under the menu "Service" you will find the entry Return Form:

A click will open the RMA form. Please fill this out completely.


Please use the RMA form before you send off the return shipment. With the help of the RMA number, we can allocate the goods the right way when they arrive.

Control cabinet: 3 becomes 1

Schaltschrank der HB 5010
HB 5010 with old construction and separate radio receiver

At the end of June the technical construction of the control cabinet changed. On the outside you won't notice a difference: the software and design of the unit haven't changed. Inside the control cabinet, however, instead of the three circuit boards in use until now, in future there will only be one.

The circuit boards installed until now had the following functions:

  • Radio receiver
  • Power circuit board
  • Display circuit board
Effective immediately only one circuit board alone will perform all three tasks. On top of that, two new connection terminals will be added: An input for starting the motor is already in place.

New Nozzle Kit is Included

Neuer DüsensatzThe HB 700 D may suffer breakdowns due to leaking adhesive residue when removing the cartridge. As this is a reactive adhesive, it hardens upon contact with air moisture, quickly causing damage to the application devices.

This known problem can be avoided by holding the device upside-down briefly before removing the cartridge. Unfortunately this is often forgotten in everyday life.

Wide Spray Nozzle Option for HB 710 and HB 910

The optional wide spray nozzles are suitable for use in extensive applications and depending on the model can spray about 20%-50% wider than standard nozzles.

Available are:

The HB 710 spray for the pneumatic melt adhesive gun:
Wide spray nozzle 1.00 mm, thread M10 x 0.75
Article number: H206198  

Wide spray nozzle 2.0 mm, thread M10 x 0.75
Article number:  H206199