Hot Tip - Search by article numbers

Suche nach Artikelnummern

Not all functions of our website can be placed equally prominently. A pity! – Professor Bond also thinks so…..

However, every displayed field should be worth its placing. The field “search…” scores threefold: Here you can, as usual, enter the name of the product as the search term, for example HB 191. A results list of search terms associated with this name will then be displayed.  

Or you search, for instance, with the article number H107400 from the order confirmation/delivery note/invoice. The search function then shows you the matching article HB 191 directly.

For the section one4all, the search works with the reference numbers of spare parts from other manufacturers.  Enter the article number of a spare part (e-g. 238059). The results list displays the respective compatible part from the one4all range.