Visit BÜHNEN at Packaging Innovation in Warsaw

Our Polish branch could be found at Packaging Innovation in Warsaw to present the latest trends in gluing. Visit them at booth B22 on 30.05 or 1.6.2022.

Our experienced staff will provide assistance and expertise in the selection of adhesives. We offer about 3000 hotmelt adhesives. In addition, we offer melting equipment from the smallest HB 181 gun to advanced glue melters such as the HB 6000 series. We provide complete solutions by selecting the right adhesive and equipment for specific applications.

We also have a competent service department that provides advice on the use and selection of BÜHNEN and other manufacturers‘ equipment.

Come to our booth B22 and see our new nature adhesive range with a high content of renewable raw materials (up to 50%) which makes these adhesives extremely safe for the environment.

If you want to visit us, you could get a free ticket.

Tim Charzinski

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