BÜHNEN Insights for the families

On Saturday, August, 27th, an Open Day was held at the Bremen site as part of our company’s 100th birthday celebrations.

As guests, the family members of our employees had the opportunity to take a look behind the doors of the company. And quite a few of them were amazed, as they only experienced BÜHNEN from stories or pictures.

In addition to guided tours through the company from the new building to the high rack warehouse, several departments presented themselves, so one could marvel at the prototype printing, the laboratory or the service „in progress“. Those who weren´t afraid of heights also had the opportunity to travel through the warehouse at about ten metres altitude.

Of course, the well-being of the young and old was also cared for, whether it was sausages and french fries or ice cream, which is of course always popular in sunny temperatures.

Several runaways from the beehive were hiding on the grounds, or more precisely their plush counterparts, and everyone managing to track them down via photo safari earned one of the BÜHNEN bee boxes.

This Open Day was also the starting signal for the issue of the company chronicle, so that everyone involved could take a copy home. First and foremost the many former employees, without whose help it would hardly have been possible to gain all the deep insights into the history.

Thus, many interesting conversations developed at the chronicle’s handover and people talked shop about the museum equipment on display, from the window glazing brad nailer to the „Klebe Colt“.

Tim Charzinski

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