External thread nozzles are used on the HB 240 & HB 250

Hot glue guns have become essential tools in the handicraft and handwork industry.  They provide a quick and efficient way to interconnect different materials. The wing.line stick series HB 240 and HB 250 are particularly popular, not least due to their innovative technology and adaptability.

As standard, they come with nozzles that have an internal thread of 9/16″ – 18 UNF. The nozzles are perfect for most application, but what if you need a more specialised nozzle?

Here comes the solution: external thread nozzles with a thread of 7/16″ – 20 UNF.

But how do you integrate these nozzles into the HB 240 and HB 250 hot glue guns? Quite simply – with an adapter (article number: H107089).

Installing the adapter and the external thread nozzle only requires a few steps, which are explained in detail in our service video:

It is important to wear protective clothing while working and to unplug the hot glue gun after it has heated up (and before working on the device). Safety is the top priority when working on electrical devices.

With this simple solution you can use your HB 240 and HB 250 hot glue guns in even more versatile ways. Whether you are doing arts and crafts, creating prototypes or making repairs, there are no limits to your creativity with the right nozzles.  

We’ll be happy to advise you!

Tim Charzinski

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