Recap: Aplica Danmark Open House 2024 

Together with our partners from Aplica Danmark we had the pleasure to part of their Open House fair on 9 and 10 January.  

Two days of professional exchange with six attending companies and a considerable number of customers who showed new opportunities and chances for all participants.  

BÜHNEN presented his new nature hotmelts and our range from hotmelt guns to handguns and melters in Roskilde. Also, we discussed benefits from our automatic filling systems and the pleasure for all companies to have the One Stop Shop solution Bühnen offers, one address for glue, equipment, spare parts, technical services, and training. No more waiting for several different suppliers but one address for everything. Lots of leads and glue tests were the result of these two magnificent days in Denmark. 

We are looking forward to the next “Åbent hus“! 

Tim Charzinski

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