How do I set the lid pressure correctly on the HB 720 K?

The HB 720 K Bead and Spray hand guns can process 310 ml aluminium cartridges. The cartridges are inserted into the melting tank, and both the cartridge neck and cartridge base are then pierced by a spike. Our devices are factory set for BÜHNEN PUR or POR cartridges. Correct setting of the lid pressure is crucial for the smooth operation of the device.

Products from other manufacturers may have a slight variation in the length of the aluminium cartridge. In this case the lid pressure of the device then needs to be adjusted.  

If you have received a new lid lock (H219050.10) as an exchange, the lid pressure of the device must also be adjusted.

Feel free to use the new service video „Setting the contact pressure on the HB 720 K“ as a guide.

If you have any questions or require support, our dedicated service team will be happy to assist you.

Tim Charzinski

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