The HB 225 stick hand gun– for professionals

With the HB 225 you can happily work all day long. Not too big, not too heavy and not too complex. The stick hand gun can be safely placed on the stable base. A 3 mm nozzle is pre-assembled and can be replaced. Nothing can go wrong.

A brief summary of the advantages:

Intuitive LED status display: The HB 225 has an LED status indicator that clearly signals when the working temperature has been reached. This improves efficiency and saves time.

Removable cable: With a removable cable, the HB 225 is flexible in use and can be easily transported. This increases user-friendliness and makes it ideal for a wide variety of working environments.

Small, handy and light: With its compact dimensions and low weight, the HB 225 sits well in the hand and is comfortable to use even after longer periods of work.  

Adjustable temperature: The ability to precisely adjust the temperature enables gentle treatment of the adhesive and optimises adhesion to various materials.

Technical data: The HB 225 offers a melting capacity of up to 1.2 kg/h and accepts glue sticks with a length of  200 mm or 300 mm and a diameter of 12 mm. This capacity makes it versatile for a wide range of applications.

If required, the BÜHNEN range offers a large selection of glue sticks, smaller or larger nozzles and other accessories.

Would you like to test the gun? Write me a short mail!

Tim Charzinski

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