When is an application head used?

What is an application head?

Application heads are used in automated processes. An application head usually consists of a base body, a module and a solenoid valve.

Construction of an application head

The base body offers a connection option for the heatable hose and can be attached to a frame. The heating unit with the heating cartridge and the temperature sensor is located in the base body.  Bore holes for the supply of adhesive and compressed air pass through the base body. Many types also include a fine mesh filter.

They are then part of a construction line and are controlled, for example, by a linear path control or PLC.

The desired application pattern (bead, spray or surface) determines the hot-melt adhesive system used and thus also the application head. Application heads are usually permanently installed and the workpiece is passed under them. Depending on the position of the bond, the adhesive can be applied to the substrate horizontally or, in special cases, inverted from below.

Depending on the requirement, the adhesive can be applied in linear beads, dots, spray swirls or over a large area. An application head can be installed individually or multiple application heads can be used in a block.  

You can also find a good overview of application heads in our glossary.

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