The advantages of polyolefin hot-melt adhesives

Polyolefin-based (PO) hot-melt adhesives offer a wider range of applications than conventional EVA hotmelts.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of polyolefin hot-melt adhesives that make them a good alternative to EVA products.

Improved thermal stability

A striking advantage of polyolefins is their improved thermal stability. Even after longer periods of time in the adhesive tank, the viscosity and processing properties remain constant. This reliability is crucial for production processes that require consistent quality over long periods of time.

ersatile utilisation in deep-freeze applications

The suitability for bonding in deep-freeze applications makes polyolefin hot-melt adhesives an ideal partner in industries such as food packaging and logistics. They retain their adhesive properties even at extremely low temperatures. The B0524 offers good cold flexibility and is often used in the concrete industry in the colder months of the year.

Broad adhesion spectrum:

The broader adhesion spectrum on low energy surfaces such as PP opens new possibilities for applications where strong adhesion to difficult substrates is required. The versatility of polyolefins is also reflected in the variable open time, which can be set from very short to very long, depending on the recipe. Many of these products are also characterised by particularly good spray-ability.  

The polyolefin B1063.1 has a wide adhesive spectrum and can be combined with many materials. The adhesive is suitable for assembly bonding, as well as for surface applications. Examples of assembly bonding: Insertion systems for suitcases and general EPS bonding for the purpose of insulation.

Polymers as the key to versatility

With generally over 50% polymer content, polyolefin hotmelts have a decisive influence on the end product properties. The choice of catalysis technology plays a central role, as it influences the specific properties of the hot-melt adhesives. Polyolefin hot-melt adhesives offer excellent value for money, proven technology and innovative solutions.

Polyolefins are also available as a versatile stick in a length of  300 mm for industrial applications.

The B3797-300 is often used in the packaging industry. The white polyolefin is particularly suitable for gluing folding boxes, displays and coated cardboard. In these applications, it is characterised by the very good and rapid absorption of restoring forces.

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Tim Charzinski

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