PO Hot Melt Adhesives

Compared with EVA hot melts, polyolefin-based (PO) hot melt adhesives offer an altogether wider performance range – higher heat stability, an improved adhesion spectrum or high flexibility at cold temperatures, for instance. Depending on the formula, open times can vary between very short and very long. The group of PO-based hot melts is also the type that is most frequently used for bonds in spray application.

Meanwhile, adhesives made using Metallocene technology (BÜHNEN avenia) are widely applied in the packaging industry. This type of PO-based hot melts shows a far better performance compared with simple EVA hot melts .

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PO Adhesive B41730

Universally applicable, particularly suitable for the automotive industry where very good heat resistance is required.

  • High heat resistance

PO Adhesive B61052.1

Due to its good adhesive strength, this adhesive is particularly suitable for foam bonding and adhesive sealing of wrap-around edges.

  • Good sprayability
  • Long open time
  • Foam bonding

PO Adhesive B61063.1

Universally applicable, particularly strong adhesion, good heat resistance

  • High heat resistance

PO Adhesive B61596

This adhesive is preferably used in the mattress and upholstery industry.

  • Short setting time
  • ECO Passport
  • For large areas