PO Hot Melt Adhesives

Polyolefin hot-melt adhesives

Compared to conventional EVA hot melts, Polyolefin-based (PO) hotmelts offer a wider performance spectrum, for example higher heat resistance and an improved adhesion spectrum in the case of low-energy surfaces, such as PP.

Depending on the recipe, it is possible to vary between a very short and a much longer open time. The same applies to the formulation for the sprayability of the hot-melt adhesives.  

These base polymers of the polyolefin hotmelts have a decisive impact on the properties, depending on the catalysis technology chosen.

Advantages of PO hot-melt adhesives

WärmestandfestigkeitVery good value for money

KälteflexibilitätFrom short through medium to long open times and short to medium setting times

Aus nachwachsenden RohstoffenProven and at the same time innovative technology

z.T. resistent gegen Öle und ChemikalienExcellent adhesion, even on difficult surfaces

flammhemmende EigenschaftenVery wide range of applications

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PO Adhesive B0715

The all-rounder among PO hot melts for industry and trade:

  • Universal: Suitable for bead and spray.
  • Very wide adhesion spectrum –– high combinability
  • High cohesion – internal strength with good thermal stability
  • Balanced application properties

PO Adhesive B41730

Suitable for interior applications in the automotive industry

  • High thermal stability
  • High initial strength
  • Very wide adhesion spectrum

PO Adhesive B61052.1

Foam bonding and suitcase upholstery

  • Sprayable
  • Very long open time
  • Soft glue line

PO Adhesive B61063.1

This adhesive is characterised by the combination of its properties:

  • Universal: Suitable for bead and spray.
  • Broad adhesion spectrum – many materials can be combined
  • High cohesion – high internal strength combined with a high heat resistance

PO Adhesive B61596

This adhesive is preferred in the mattress and upholstery industry.

  • Short setting time
  • ECO Passport
  • For large areas