Repair and rapid help: Remove fully reacted cartridges from the HB 720 K

A guide to efficient problem solving

“Oh, just those few drops!” is what some people think when removing cartridges from the HB 720 K devices. But this idea can be costly when it comes to hot-melt adhesives, which, as we know, does not make any difference whether it spreads in the handheld device or lands on the substrate to be bonded.  For this reason, contamination of the device with reactive PUR/POR adhesives must be avoided at all costs. Heavier or more frequent contamination can lead to the destruction of the manual application device.

There is, however, a simple trick to avoid damage: Hold the device with the cartridge to be removed upside down for a moment before removing it!  If there is a small residue of hot-melt adhesive in the nozzle, it will flow back out of the device into the cartridge. When removing the cartridge, continue to hold the device upside down so that the cartridge can be safely removed from the coated tank.

Removing old cartridges made easy

However, if the reactive adhesive has leaked into the tank and reacted there, it will sit tighter in the tank. A quick repair is necessary here, and this is what you need:

  • a 3.0 Allen key
  • a small hammer
  • a small screwdriver
  • a replacement nozzle
Tim Charzinski

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