Mechanical Glue Guns

Hot melt glue gun from BÜHNEN – the best choice

At BÜHNEN Klebesysteme, you will find the hot melt glue gun, a handy and versatile gluing tool that can be used to process different materials. Our mechanical hot melt glue guns are absolutely drip-free and can be used particularly easily with the corresponding glue sticks. We offer various hot melt glue guns, so in our range you will find the right hot glue gun for every application.   

Special properties of our hot melt glue guns

The mechanical hot melt glue guns from BÜHNEN are characterised by low tare weight combined with outstanding properties. To name just a few of their advantages, these devices stand for perfect handling, reliability and high melting capacity. The ergonomic fit and the long trigger ensure fatigue-free working. All mechanical hot melt glue guns are supplied with a standard nozzle.  

Practical accessories ensure maximum handling comfort

To optimise the handling of the hot melt glue gun, you receive this from us together with the appropriate accessories. For example, we supply you with a universal stand to match the gun, which offers you versatile storage options. In addition to the models with a fixed nozzle, you will also find versions with exchangeable nozzles.  

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Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 181

The Florist’s Favourite

  • Small and handy
  • Low operating force
  • Universal stand, versatile storage or “parking” options
  • Fixed nozzle (diameter 2.5 mm)

Low Temperature Glue Gun HB 181 LT

  • „Low Temperature“ (120°C)
  • Protects fingers and material
  • Minimises burns
  • Lower energy consumption

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 191

Everyday hero

  • Excellent haptics, fatigue-free working
  • Small and handy
  • Light weight
  • High melting capacity
  • Can be delivered in a box

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 196

For individualistswingline heißklebepistole

  • Fatigue-free working thanks to a long trigger
  • Removable plug for cordless operation
  • Very high melting capacity
  • Integrated on/off switch

HB 225 – For professionals

wingline heißklebepistole

  • Intuitive LED status display
  • Detachable cable
  • small, handy and light
  • Adjustable temperature

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 240

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Precise, electronic temperature regulation
  • Stroke limiter
  • Integrated on/off switch (illuminated)
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 250

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Digital status display integrated in handle
  • Temperature locking
  • Stroke limiter
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

HB 326 - The power pack

wingline heißklebepistole

With the HB 326 you have a real power pack in your hand!

  • For 18 mm sticks
  • Very high melting capacity
  • Digital status display and setting
  • 30 % reduced pull-off forces
  • Mechanical stroke limitation


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