Mechanical Glue Guns

Mechanical hot melt glue applicator guns by BÜHNEN are characterised by their light weight and exceptional properties. To name just a few of their advantages, these devices show perfect handling, reliability and excellent melting performance. Their ergonomic fit and long triggers ensure effortless work. All our glue stick guns come with a standard nozzle.

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Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 181

Our new basic model for 12mm hot melt sticks. Especially designed for minor adhesive consumption thanks to its light weight and easy handling.
  • Optimized handle and trigger for fatigue-proof work
  • small and handy
  • low operating force
  • universal stand, various possibilities to place the tool
  • available also with a UK-plug
  • packed in a carton

Low Temperature Glue Gun HB 181 LT

The glue gun for temperature-sensitive materials. The low-temperature version of the HB 181: Optimal operating properties at an economical temperature of 120°C for energy savings and reduced risk of burns.

  • Especially suited for smaller glue consumption
  • Low temperature 120°
  • Reduced risk of burns
  • Saves your fingers and materials
  • UK-version available

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 191

With rubber-coated slim handle especially well suited for smaller hands. Light-weight for fatigue-proof work.
Available in blister- pack or in a high-quality plastic case.

  • Especially well suited for small to medium glue consumption
  • Rubber-coated handle
  • Changeable nozzle

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 195

Flexibility thanks to changeable nozzles: the hallmark of the HB 195. Adapt the hot melt glue gun to your needs with a selection of more than 15 removable nozzles.

  • Especially well suited for a medium to high glue consumption and a vast number of applications
  • Extremely sturdy, detachable stands
  • Integrated on/off switch

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 220

The HB 220 is the largest and most powerful glue gun for 12mm hot melt sticks in our range. In addition to its exceptional stability thanks to integrated and detachable stands, the HB 220 has its own stroke limiter.

  • Especially well suited for non-stop use and very high glue consumptions
  • Mechanical stroke limiter
  • Temperature 140-220°C


Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 240

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Precise, electronic temperature regulation
  • Stroke limiter
  • Integrated on/off switch (illuminated)
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 250

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Digital status display integrated in handle
  • Temperature locking
  • Stroke limiter
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

Professional Glue Gun HB 325

The HB 325 - a hot melt adhesive gun dedicated especially for professional use.

  • Especially well suited for very high glue consumption
  • Extra large adhesive supply
  • Mechanical stroke limiter