Mechanical Glue Guns

Mechanical hot melt glue applicator guns by BÜHNEN are characterised by their light weight and exceptional properties. To name just a few of their advantages, these devices show perfect handling, reliability and excellent melting performance. Their ergonomic fit and long triggers ensure effortless work. All our glue stick guns come with a standard nozzle.

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Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 181

Our new basic model for 12mm hot melt sticks. Especially designed for minor adhesive consumption thanks to its light weight and easy handling.
  • Optimized handle and trigger for fatigue-proof work
  • small and handy
  • low operating force
  • universal stand, various possibilities to place the tool
  • available also with a UK-plug
  • packed in a carton

Low Temperature Glue Gun HB 181 LT

The glue gun for temperature-sensitive materials. The low-temperature version of the HB 181: Optimal operating properties at an economical temperature of 120°C for energy savings and reduced risk of burns.

  • Especially suited for smaller glue consumption
  • Low temperature 120°
  • Reduced risk of burns
  • Saves your fingers and materials
  • UK-version available

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 191

With rubber-coated slim handle especially well suited for smaller hands. Light-weight for fatigue-proof work.
Available in blister- pack or in a high-quality plastic case.

  • Especially well suited for small to medium glue consumption
  • Rubber-coated handle
  • Changeable nozzle

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 196

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Flexibility thanks to changeable nozzles: the hallmark of the HB 196. Adapt the hot melt glue gun to your needs with a selection of more than 15 removable nozzles.

  • Especially well suited for a medium to high glue consumption and a vast number of applications
  • Extremely sturdy, detachable stands
  • Integrated on/off switch

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 240

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Precise, electronic temperature regulation
  • Stroke limiter
  • Integrated on/off switch (illuminated)
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

Hot Melt Glue Gun HB 250

  • Pull-off forces reduced by 30% for fatigue-free working
  • Digital status display integrated in handle
  • Temperature locking
  • Stroke limiter
  • Removable nozzle (standard diameter 3.0 mm)

Professional Glue Gun HB 325

The HB 325 - a hot melt adhesive gun dedicated especially for professional use.

  • Especially well suited for very high glue consumption
  • Extra large adhesive supply
  • Mechanical stroke limiter