Oxidation-stable hot-melt adhesives

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The initiator for oxidation-stable hot-melt adhesives was the development of the catalysis technology based on Metallocene for PO-base polymers.

Oxidation-stable hot-melt adhesives have been offered under the name avenia for over 10 years. These types of adhesives are particularly suitable for packaging applications and, thanks to their oxidation stability, lead to an increased service life of the application technology.  

BÜHNEN avenias offer a number of improved properties compared to conventional hot-melt adhesives. The thermal stability and the associated high process reliability in use are features to be emphasised.

Your advantages when using avenia products:


Extremely high colour and viscosity stability in the melts leads to an increase in machinery efficiency.  

High process reliability due to the avoidance of unplanned downtimes.

Reduction in reject costs

Extension of maintenance intervals in the case of application technology

High heat resistance

User-friendly processing due to absence of smell

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avenia A3922

Versatile hot-melt adhesive from the oxidation-stable avenia series. Especially suitable for the packaging industry, for example for industrial applications of cardboard packaging, crates, trays or folding boxes.

  • Very rapid absorption of high restoring forces
  • Low odour
  • Very good tear-off properties

avenia B3706

The first avenia hot-melt adhesive for the concrete industry. It achieves the desired balancing act between bonding and removability on a completely new level in the manufacturing industry.

  • Very good oxidation stability in the melt
  • Residue-free removal from the pallet
  • Wide range of applications
  • Medium open and setting time

avenia B61472.1

Versatile hot-melt adhesive for industrial applications, particularly suitable for bonding in the packaging industry, including deep-freeze packaging and display production.

  • For difficult surfaces
  • Low odour
  • Medium setting time
  • Very good oxidation stability

avenia B1577.2

Universally applicable hot-melt adhesive for industrial applications in the packaging industry, such as cardboard packaging, folding cartons and deep-freeze packaging.

  • High absorption of restoring forces
  • Short setting time
  • Very wide adhesion spectrum

avenia A43633

Versatile hot melt adhesive for industrial applications in the packaging industry, such as crates, trays, cardboard packaging, folding cartons and frozen packaging.

  • Low odour
  • Short setting time
  • Very good peel-off behaviour
  • Suitable for frozen packaging

avenia B41844

avenia hot-melt adhesive for industrial packaging applications is particularly suitable for the production of, for example, folding boxes and trays.

  • Short open time
  • Very fast setting time
  • Low odour
  • Good flowability
  • Very good oxidation stability

avenia B42615

Particularly suitable for bonds in the packaging industry on high-speed machines where high restoring forces have to be safely absorbed, such as trays and crates.

  • Rapid, immediate absorption of high restoring forces with short pressure times
  • Good flowability
  • Optimized handling with 15 kg bags


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