one4all - 100% Compatible Products

Our extensive one4all range offers compatible replacement parts produced by us for applicator units manufactured by Nordson, Robatech and ITW-Dynatec. We will be happy to supply further articles on request – try us!

The replacement parts we offer are not original parts from the manufacturers Nordson, Robatech or ITW-Dynatec. Rather they are 100% connectivity compatible products. We reserve the right to technical, optical and price changes.


Application Heads

Application heads are used for automated operations. If material costs need to be reduced for larger quantities; the precision of a manual gun application is insufficient, available space do not allow for manual application or the adhesive application has to be monitored, then different types of application heads are used. They are then component parts (e.g. of a packaging machine) and are integrated into the master SPS control system. In the majority of cases, the application heads are integral and the work piece is positioned underneath them.

The standard hose has a inner diameter of 8 mm. Further nominal diameters (e.g. 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm or 40 mm) are possible.



With our product line one4all we offer you a wide range of compatible modules from own production for hot melt applicators of Nordson, Robatech and ITW Dynatec.
The modules are placed in front of the body of the gun and are responsible for regulating the flow of hot melt adhesive. Inside there is a piston with a valve needle which can open or close the adhesive flow.



Nozzles for dot, bead or spray application: BÜHNEN high-precision nozzles set new standards for most applications. Our nozzles are produced with very low tolerance parameters, which ensures exact bead placement and an even application of hot melt adhesives.
The nozzles are ideally suited for their specified use and ensure a controlled flow of hot melts, as well as a uniform bead size and ideal tear behavior.


Filters and Screens

All hot melt adhesive systems are equipped with filters. A primary filter located inside the tank serves to prevent contaminants from entering the pump, as these could cause it to malfunction. An additional filter with finer mesh is located behind the pump to trap contaminants that could obstruct the nozzle bores. These filters require regular inspection and maintenance. Maintenance intervals of approximately 500 hours are usual.


Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves can transfer an electric control system signal and release, lock or purge compressed air. The solenoid valve must be chosen according to the type of module; whether air opening/spring shutting or air opening/air shutting. For the first type, a 3/2-way solenoid valve is sufficient. For the second type, a 4/2-way or 5/2-way valve has to be used. 24 V or 230 V solenoid valves are the norm.



In our compatible spare parts range, you will find various adapters, cord sets, heating cartridges and sensors for the products of Nordson and Robatech.


Heated Hoses

Heatable hoses from BÜHNEN are made of the highest quality materials and thus set standards for a long service life and a high degree of operational reliability with precise temperature control. The heating of the hot melt adhesive in the hose ensures a constant temperature and precise processing.

The standard hose has an inner diameter of 8 mm. Other nominal widths are possible, for example 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm.



In our one4all product division we offer you a wide ranging assortment of compatible piston pumps produced by us for hot melt adhesive applicators from the manufacturers Nordson and Robatech.