Our laboratory

With BÜHNEN you have the right partner at your side in every respect.  We don’t just sell you adhesives – we are also process and application experts: also for your process.

Our application technology for hot-melt adhesives forms the interface between your requirements for the respective applications and the technical bases of hot-melt adhesives. We are on-site not only at your premises, but also in our own application laboratory.  

The basis for this is, besides our employees, our unique adhesive database with technical data and relative comparisons of over 4,000 known hot-melt adhesives in every delivery form and on every chemical basis on a wide variety of substrates. For this purpose, detailed tests are carried out to characterise each hot-melt adhesive in order to understand and compare its properties and performance. This extensive and daily growing database allows us to select the best adhesive for your specific needs.

Each project is unique. We therefore offer tailor-made solutions to find and recommend the perfect combination of adhesive and appropriate application technology for your requirements.  

Your advantage?

Based on our knowledge and the adhesive databank, we perform application and practical tests on your behalf, which we carry out with our adhesives on your samples.  

As a result, there is no interruption or downtime in your production, as we carry out these tests in advance. By the time the adhesive arrives at your facility, you can be very sure that it will work. This means that we avoid the effort and costs for you involved in testing new adhesives. Our testing options include ageing simulation through exposure to changing climates, or the determination of load limits and adhesive strengths using tensile shear tests. By means of these process simulations, we ensure that our products also meet the requirements in their application under real conditions.

Rely on our expertise and experience in the field of adhesives to optimise projects and meet your requirements. Our goal is to make your processes more efficientboth economically and ecologically: Test us!