Neuer Tank HB 700 KSince a short time a new tank has been mounted to the HB 700 KD bead (cartridge version for PUR / POR hotmelt adhesive). If adhesive was released during cartridge changeover it started to react in the tank. This meant that the equipment frequently had to be repaired at reasonable costs.

Two changes have been made during the changeover between the old and new tank.

Batteriewechsel HB 910A malfunction on a handset can sometimes be quite simply explained: for example, if the pump on the tank does not start up when the trigger device is activated. In this case, no more hotmelt adhesive is applied at the handset. Possible reason: the transmitter battery in the handset is discharged.

It's easy to change the battery in the handset yourself when the housing is closed.

Alte Platine der HB 910

The NCN0422 PCB will be replaced by the NCN0422.1 component in new devices and during service work. This component transmits the radio signal to trigger the pump in the connected tank unit.

The new NCN0422.1 component is narrower than the old model. The previous PCB will no longer be fitted, and is also no longer available. If you order using the old item number you will automatically receive the new unit. You can download the operating manual for the BÜHNEN HB 910 in our service area.

Das neue Servicevideo ist eine Sammlung der „Heißen Tipps“ aus dem allgemeinen BÜHNEN Newsletter. Kurz und knapp in einer Minute erhalten Sie Hinweise, mit denen die Lebensdauer der Handgeräte verlängert wird.

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Cord grip: When a cable requires additional safety

Effective immediately the HB 710 set with workstation or tool stand is equipped with a cord grip on the supply cable: This prevents the cable from being pulled out.

Zugentlastung an der HB 700
HB 710 with tool stand and new cord grip