Heated Hoses

Heatable hoses from BÜHNEN are manufactured using the highest quality materials. As such, they set high standards in durability and operating reliability for precise temperature control. By heating the hot melt adhesive in the hose, a constant temperature is maintained and a precise finish ensured.


Application Heads

Application heads are used for automated operations. If material costs need to be reduced for larger quantities; the precision of a manual gun application is insufficient; available space do not allow for manual application or the adhesive application has to be monitored, then different types of application heads are used. They are then component parts (e.g. of a packaging machine) and are integrated into the master SPS control system. In the majority of cases, the application heads are integral and the work piece is positioned underneath them.


Hand Guns

All our handguns are available for bead/dot, spray and slot coating application of hot melt adhesives.


Nozzles for dot/bead application: BÜHNEN high-precision nozzles for dot/ bead application set new standards for the most diverse applications. Our nozzles are produced with very low tolerance parameters, which ensures exact bead placement and a uniform application of hot melt adhesives.
The nozzles are ideally suited for their specified use and ensure a controlled for of hot melt adhesives, as well as a uniform bead size and ideal tear behavior.