One of the main objectives of product stewardship regulations is to give manufacturers incentives to take into account the environmental impact of the products from their designing and manufacture, over their entire lifecycle and especially when they are subsequently disposed of.

It is important to understand the differences in the terminology: Not everything that is recyclable is, at the same time, compostable. Let’s bring a little clarity into the jungle of terminology:

Recyclable adhesives

It is not the adhesive itself that should be recycled, but rather it should not adversely affect the recycling process. If the defined size (1.6 x 1.6 mm), film thickness (120 µm) and softening point (> 68 °C) are adhered to, every hot-melt adhesive can be classified as compatible with recycling.


Covid 19Dear business partners,

after we have been able to learn how to live and handle the corona virus for a whole quarter now, we would like to give you an update on how we at Bühnen currently handle the Situation.

We continue to regularly evaluate what the global development of the virus means for our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

In the meantime we can judge the medical facts better compared to the beginning of the pandemic, but just like the virologists we are not completely sure what this means for the near and distant future.

We would like to update our Statements regarding questions that have reached us over the past weeks.

1. Have you continued to monitor the delivery risk from your upstream suppliers (e.g. for raw materials or packaging), which are important for our supply, from the countries affected by Covid-19 and continuously monitored any possible influence?

So far we have not been notified of any force majeure by our suppliers in mainland Asia or within Europe and we have not experienced any significant delays in the delivery of our products.

However, we are aware that the current Situation, which is difficult to predict, may continue to lead to possible capacity limitations by our suppliers or to problems in the supply chain. We are in close contact with our partners to prevent or at least mitigate any negative impact.

Repulping Hot Melt“Paper must be recycled!” Sustainability is increasingly becoming a focal point where paper and packaging are concerned. The process of recycling paper is unclear to many people. What actually happens to hot melt adhesives, staples and the like during recycling?

Let’s look at this subject in detail

Johnny DoodleMarc van Moorsel from BÜHNEN and Junior Boerhave from “The Chocolate Factory” greet each like friends. It’s pretty obvious the two men get on very well together. The trade magazine “Pakkracht” had the chance to see the adhesive application system in action.

Marc van Moorsel and Junior Boerhave have a very good relationship, which is no surprise to either party: The adhesive specialist from BÜHNEN is well-known for his comprehensive advice and excellent customer service. The latter exactly underlines this customer relationship and is what has convinced the Dutch chocolate manufacturer to use the line motion control system from BÜHNEN.

Jan-Hendrik Hunke1 January 2020, our Managing Director, Jan Hunke became a member of the group of shareholders.

We are pleased to have taken a further step towards securing the sustainable success of Bühnen with Mr Hunke as the new co-partner and we share the management’s view that the company will continue to have excellent prospects for the future,” said Constanze Wriedt, representative of the group of shareholders.

“I also find it an extremely welcome development that, with Jan Hunke joining as a partner, the entire management has now joined the group of shareholders. This clearly expresses the will of the management to permanently secure and further expand the success of Bühnen,” to quote Bert Gausepohl, also a co-partner in BÜHNEN GmbH & Co. KG.

Jan Hunke started his professional career at Bühnen on 1 April 2018 as Managing Director and has since focused on the areas of sales and marketing. In these areas, he previously held various management positions in multinational companies.

“I am delighted with the change in the  shareholder structure, because I am firmly convinced that with all its committed and motivated employees, Bühnen still has great development potential – not only in traditional markets.  Our plans, coupled with our corporate visions, show the way into the future that we will successfully take,” says new co-partner Jan Hunke