Lamination using multiline

MultiauftragskopfMineral wool is often used as a non-flammable insulation material when thermally insulating a building. In this case the insulation materials are normally bonded with films of different types. Multiline application heads are often used to apply the hot melt adhesives to the films or the substrate materials. These special application heads are suitable for this process, because the structure of the substrate material is often uneven, the area to be bonded is large and the application should be applied evenly. Multiline heads are not identical to the multi-head system in which every head can individually be controlled.

The multiline heads for endless application are fitted with closely spaced nozzles. Several adhesive lines can be applied simultaneously with very close spacing. The system is known as a multiline application head from four nozzles upwards. Versions of up to 100 line nozzle fittings are being used by some customers at present.

On soft soles - impact sound insulation

Footfall sound is the sound which is caused by people or machines moving over a base such as the floor. The resulting noises are perceived by our senses. Architectural acoustics differentiate between footfall sound and walking noise. You can find out how hot melt adhesives support the acoustics in various rooms in our article.

Footfall insulation

Walking noise is, for example, the noise made by heels tapping on hard floors. Reduction of the noise is achieved by the selection of a sound-absorbing floorcovering. Walking noise is only perceived in one room. Laying carpets in the room aids reduction of the noises.

Footfall sound has to be taken into account during building shell construction. Perception of footfall sound takes place in rooms which are next to, underneath or above the sound source. For example, in older buildings one can hear the washing machine spinning or could even plot a movement log for the neighbour's kids.

Roller shutters – Not just to keep draught out!

Rollladen IsolationJust carry out a simple test. light a candle and hold it at a roller shutter housing. Does the candle flicker?
If it does you can be sure the housing is not seal-tight - your expensive heat escapes outside. A roller shutter housing insulation can prevent this.

Enhance your possibilities for developing new business

Adhesive Training 2017

Our training offer

A two-day-training with following training modules is planned free of charge at our headquarter in Bremen, Germany in March 2017:
  • Technical and/or commercial Information about working with BÜHNEN hot melt and applicator systems
  • Basics of hot melt adhesives
  • Selected hot melt applications in different industries
  • Selected products for opening up new business
  • Tips and tricks for setting-up, handling, doing simple repairs and maintaining applicator systems
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The training is free of charge! You only have to cover your travel costs which would be a profitable investment for sure.

Online dating: First take a look…

KlebstoffberatungIn the case of adhesives and substrates, the following question is always important: "Will the connection last?" - and for this reason, the glue adviser is not that different from a contact exchange. You can search for two materials and the glue adviser will propose a basic selection. Please read our main text to find out how you can find the matching hot adhesive partner for your substrate.