When the new software for the relaunch of the HB 4000 was developed, the specialists from our product management team and the experts at SM Klebetechnik pooled their ideas and application knowledge.

The result is now available from us with the HB 4000 connect. The system series comes in a new colour guise, but the outward change is nothing compared to the revised range of functions:

The “connect” series has a large 7” colour touch display. This can be used to intuitively operate the clearly understandable menu structure. The software is included as standard in the entire device series.

The term refurbished is more familiar with regard to smartphones, tablets or laptops. Until now, the term has been less associated with industrial technology.  

The issues of sustainability and climate change affect us all equally. When it comes to our products and work processes, employees are sensitized to look for more sustainable solutions.  

In the case of nature bio based hot-melt adhesives, the product range has been expanded to include more sustainable products. On the technology side, we are now following suit with “refurbished by BÜHNEN”.  

This is hot-melt adhesive technology that has been refurbished by our service professionals.  


Do you like to be out and about with your camera, and would you like to help shape the BÜHNEN family calendar 2024 and win a great surprise package?

Send us your motif (in printable resolution) by June 7th, 2023 to Please add a small profile to the photo with a few details about yourself and a short history of how the photo came about.


One of the main objectives of product stewardship regulations is to give manufacturers incentives to take into account the environmental impact of the products from their designing and manufacture, over their entire lifecycle and especially when they are subsequently disposed of.

It is important to understand the differences in the terminology: Not everything that is recyclable is, at the same time, compostable. Let’s bring a little clarity into the jungle of terminology:

Recyclable adhesives

It is not the adhesive itself that should be recycled, but rather it should not adversely affect the recycling process. If the defined size (1.6 x 1.6 mm), film thickness (120 µm) and softening point (> 68 °C) are adhered to, every hot-melt adhesive can be classified as compatible with recycling.


Covid 19Dear business partners,

after we have been able to learn how to live and handle the corona virus for a whole quarter now, we would like to give you an update on how we at Bühnen currently handle the Situation.

We continue to regularly evaluate what the global development of the virus means for our customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

In the meantime we can judge the medical facts better compared to the beginning of the pandemic, but just like the virologists we are not completely sure what this means for the near and distant future.

We would like to update our Statements regarding questions that have reached us over the past weeks.

1. Have you continued to monitor the delivery risk from your upstream suppliers (e.g. for raw materials or packaging), which are important for our supply, from the countries affected by Covid-19 and continuously monitored any possible influence?

So far we have not been notified of any force majeure by our suppliers in mainland Asia or within Europe and we have not experienced any significant delays in the delivery of our products.

However, we are aware that the current Situation, which is difficult to predict, may continue to lead to possible capacity limitations by our suppliers or to problems in the supply chain. We are in close contact with our partners to prevent or at least mitigate any negative impact.