Hot Melt Adhesives for Display Production and Packaging

Klebstoffe in der Verpackungsindustrie

In the packaging industry and for display production, pneumatic hot melt adhesive guns from the HB 710 series are mainly used when only a small amount of adhesive is required. Conventional hot melt adhesives are gently melted in these devices. Meanwhile, special pneumatic HB 710 HT or HB 700 KD hot melt adhesive guns are utilised for PA or PUR / POR hot melts.

Tank systems with gear pumps are deployed when more hot melt adhesive is needed. Here, too, different tank systems are used depending on the type or form of hot melt adhesive. Devices with storage capacities ranging from 2 to 130 litres are available. When it comes to the various temperature controllers, the number and feed rate of gear pumps, or other accessories – the high equipment requirements are limitless.

Drum melters have proven to be the best choice for reactive PUR or POR hot melt adhesives. In this regard, 20 litre or 200 litre drum melters are available. Drum melters are firstly beneficial given their high melting performance; secondly, they gently melt the amount of adhesive needed. The application of various melting plates allows for melting performances in line with requirements.

Bag melters are suited to foil bags that are generally supplied in 2kg or 18kg containers. The melt is processed directly from the bag. The bag melter works without production downtimes. Where necessary, the adhesive rod is pressed through a heated melting grille and into a reservoir.

Heated hoses with a variety of lengths and diameters guarantee perfect transport from the application device to the application head.

There are many different application heads to choose from. Depending on the application, point or bead application heads that can also be used with various material nozzles are deployed.

During the spray application process, the hot melt is mixed with spray air and contactless, full-surface adhesive application is achieved. Different material nozzles are available in this respect too.

Surface application heads are used for full-surface application of hot melt products. The material nozzle must be in contact with the substrate to guarantee the best possible application.

BÜHNEN offers suitable hot melt adhesives and the associated application technology for many applications in the packaging industry.


Adhesives for Display Production and Packaging