Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives

Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives are adhesives on the basis of thermoplastic rubber.

These are characterised by the fact that they do not set completely, but remain permanently tacky.  For this reason, the designation “PSA – Pressure Sensitive Adhesive” was created for this group of adhesives.

There is a very wide range of formulation options that can be used to adjust the final properties of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives. Such adjustable properties include surface tack, cohesion and adhesion etc.

The contact pressure has a major influence on the resulting adhesive strength, in order to achieve sufficient wetting between the hot-melt adhesive and the substrate.  

In many applications, bonding takes place in the cold state, for example, when closing packages or shipping bags (self-adhesive closures).

On the other hand, there are industrial inline gluing processes whereby the substrates are joined with the still warm adhesive. One example of this is insulation board lamination in insulating materials.  

In addition, a distinction is made in the pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives between permanently adhesive and removable/repositionable types; these can often be found in magazines with free samples.  

Advantages of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives

WärmestandfestigkeitVery good adhesion to low-energy surfaces, such as PE

Solvent freeSolvent free

Broad formulation optionsBroad formulation options

Elastic glue jointElastic glue joint

Good sprayabilityGood sprayability

Fast cohesion build-upFast cohesion build-up

Harmless to health and not subject to labelling Harmless to health and not subject to labelling



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Pressure-sensitive adhesive D3043 LT

Universally applicable pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive for fixing and assembly in many branches of industry. Particularly well suited for applications in the low temperature range.

  • Good adhesion for assembly applications
  • Good adhesion properties, e.g. PE film
  • Barely visible glue joint
  • For temperature-sensitive surfaces
  • Resource-saving

Pressure-sensitive adhesive D61628.1

Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive for the production of self-adhesive articles.

  • Fixing and assembly
  • High initial tack
  • Manufacture of self-adhesive closures for online shipping boxes

Pressure-sensitive adhesive D61631.1

Universal hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, suitable for industrial inline bonding processes, as well as for self-adhesive pre-coating of substrates.

  • Extremely good cohesion and adhesion
  • Very good absorption of restoring forces
  • Suitable for self-adhesive closures

Pressure-sensitive adhesive D61544.1

Pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive for fixing and assembly in many branches of industry, for example bonding insulation material onto supporting materials, fixation of insulation materials and for upholstered furniture.

  • Very good sprayability
  • Universal for instant gluing / inline gluing processes
  • High oxidation stability
  • Low temperature

Pressure-sensitive adhesive D61645

Securing of pallets and for residue-free, removable bonded joints.

  • For easily removable bonds
  • vColour: white, clear