Adhesive Melter


Mechanical Glue Guns

Mechanical hot melt glue guns by BÜHNEN are characterised by their light weight and exceptional properties. To name just a few of their advantages, these devices offer perfect handling, reliability and excellent melting performance. Their ergonomic fit and long triggers ensure effortless work. All mechanical hot melt adhesive applicator come with a standard nozzle.


Pneumatic Hot Melt Hand Applicators

Thanks to our almost 40 years of experience in the development of pneumatic hotmelt-apllicators, our HB 7100 series sets high standards for technology and handling. The hot melt adhesive is melted quickly and evenly with optimal melting performance, thanks to the three heating elements in the tank. Compressed air applies the adhesive with precision in dot, bead and spray form. All devices are fitted with a changeable standard nozzle.

With its digital temperature controller in the handle and a one-handed bayonet lock, the HB 700 series is all about reliability and user comfort. Its ergonomic design and optimal weight ensure effortless work. In addition to this, its soft-closing mechanism ensures efficient consumption of energy and hot melt adhesive. Perfect calibration of the tank and temperature controls balances this small but powerful applicator and facilitates handling.


Bulk Tank Systems

The hot melt bulk tank systems combines innovative technology with convincingly reliability. This advantage cause to considerable lower cost of operation, higher duration and increase of production capability. BÜHNEN bulk tank applicators are basically made up of a gear or piston pump driven conveying system, a heated tank and a temperature control which can easily be adapted to customer specific needs.

The modular structure of our bulk tank applicator units offers system solutions for almost every application. The adhesive is selected according to customer application specific needs and determines the appropriate bulk tank system. With its standard configuration BÜHNEN adhesive melter match highest quality requirements. Among other things only well known electronical components are integrated for realizing a long life- and minimizing downtime.


Drum Melter

Drum melter are ideal systems for applying large amounts of PUR or POR hot melt adhesive, as well as traditional hot melt adhesives or even sealants and butylene. BÜHNEN drum melter systems have been specially designed for gentle and tailored converting straight from the drum.

With BÜHNEN drum melter systems, only the contact surface of the needed amount of adhesive is melted. A variety of melt plates are used, depending on the required melting capacity and the heat conductivity of the melting stock. With various melt plate geometries, melting capacities of 5-200 kg/h are achieved.


Bag Melter

The BÜHNEN melting system for bags is an easy to maintain, adhesive-friendly melting device that combines the advantages of a drum melter with a bulk tank system. The adhesive is converted straight from the bag, hence minimizing contamination of the device. The bag melter works without production downtime. For „melting on demand“, the melting stock is melted in two stages. The adhesive cartridge is compressed through a melting grid by means of a piston; the hot melt adhesive then flows into a reservoir. When the reservoir is full, the melting grid is automatically shut down. This creates constant viscosity in the reservoir and ensures continued production quality.