Hot Melt Adhesives for Textile Industries

Klebstoffe in der Textilindustrie

In the textile, footwear and foam materials industry, hot melt adhesives are used for a wide range of applications

It isn’t just hot melts that are used to bond foam materials with textiles or on backing materials – hot melt adhesives are also a ggod choice in the manufacture of mattresses and in the packaging of foam materials. Furthermore, the hot melt technology has proven its worth when bonding shoe soles too.

Solvent-free adhesives with Eco-Passport

Hot melt adhesives are especially suited to foam mattresses manufactured using a wedge cut, as they are solvent-free and also include an Eco-Passport. With regard to the adhesive, the final product can then be declared as posing no risk to health. When it comes to both the large-scale bonding of polyether, polyester and latex foam mattresses and integrating spring core pockets in mattresses, hot glue systems are the industry’s product of choice.

Maximum bonding quality

A high quality is also required when bonding shoe soles. For this reason, the preferred solution is reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesive – a product that creates particularly high-strength bonds. To satisfy the high requirements in footwear manufacturing, another option is to use a polyamide-based (PA) hot glue.

Polyester-based adhesives

Polyester adhesives (PET) are recommended in the field of textile laminating, as the bonds they create can withstand washing and cleaning.

Adhesives for Textile Industries