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Hot glue from BÜHNEN – a good choice, right from the start

BÜHNEN Klebesysteme manufactures hot glue in different versions suitable for the different areas of application. Our offer ranges from 12mm sticks to blocks. The hot melts differ from each other not only in their form, but also in their possible uses.  

Hot melt adhesive sticks (12 & 18 mm): Handy and easily dosable adhesives

Hot glue sticks with a diameter of 18mm are used in professional hot melt glue guns, such as the HB 325. Thanks to the length of 300 mm and the larger diameter (compared to glue sticks with 200 mm / Ø 12mm), higher quantities of glue can be processed without changing the stick.  

The majority of the glue sticks on offer consist of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). Our team of consultants will advise you in order to find the best combination of device and hot (melt) glue for you.  

Hot (melt) glue blocks and melt packs

In addition to the handy sticks, you will also find our hot melt adhesives in blocks, which are produced on all common adhesive bases. The blocks can be delivered in units of approx. 500g to 4kg. Hot glue is processed in block form in tank systems.

Our local staff  will be happy to advise you on which delivery form is suitable for your system and application.

Hot (melt) glue – the large selection for professional applications

BÜHNEN has more than 500 types of hot (melt) glue for you, so that we can provide the right adhesives for every need. Depending on the processing and the associated parameters, such as open time or processing temperature, our product managers will select the most suitable hot glue for you.  

Our Portfolio – the right solution for every need

  • More than 500 hot melt adhesives for virtually all technical bonding challenges.
  • Mechanical hot melt glue guns for dot and bead application.
  • Hand-held pneumatic applicators for dot, bead or spray application.
  • Melting systems in various dimensions – from tank systems to barrel or bag melters.
  • one4all – 100% connection-compatible spare parts for application devices from well-known manufacturers such as Nordson or Robatech.


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