Pneumatic Hot Melt Hand Applicators

Thanks to our 35 years of experience in the development of pneumatic hot melt adhesive guns, our HB 700 series sets high standards for technology and handling. The hot melt adhesive is melted quickly and evenly with optimal melting performance, thanks to the three heating elements in the tank. Compressed air applies the adhesive with precision in dot, bead and spray form. All devices are fitted with a changeable standard nozzle.

With its digital temperature regulator in the handle and a one-handed bayonet lock, the "Smallest Bulk Tank System of the World" is all about reliability and user comfort. Its ergonomic design and optimal weight ensure effortless work. In addition to this, its soft-closing mechanism ensures efficient consumption of energy and hot melt adhesive. Perfect calibration of the tank and temperature controls balances the applicator and facilitates handling.

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HB 720 K Dot and Bead

This type enables reactive hot-melt adhesives, such as Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyolefine (POR) from aluminium cartridges to be processed. It is also possible to work horizontally or overhead. The devices are equipped with an innovative level control to provide information on the fill level in the cartridge.

HB 720 K Spray

The HB 720 K can be used to process reactive hot melt adhesive, such as PUR or POR in the form of aluminium cartridges.

  • For bead, dot and surface application
  • One-hand bayonet lock
  • Automatic temperature-lowering mechanism for economical energy consumption
  • Very high melting capacity

HB 710 Bead

The HB 710 sets the standard! Pneumatic driven manual hot melt adhesive applicator for professional use. Suitable for dot and bead application of adhesives.

  • For bead, dot and surface applications.
  • One-handed bayonet lock
  • Soft-closing mechanism for low energy consumption

HB 710 Spray

The HB 710 spray version - precise settings for adhesive volume and temperature, flexible thanks to optional use for bead applications.

  • Spray application, changeable to bead application mode
  • Preheated sprayer air
  • Various application patterns possible

HB 710 Bead HT (High Temperature)

The HB 710 HT - pneumatic adhesive gun for high-temperature use up to 250°C. Precise temperature controls and quick response time.


  • High-temperature up to 250ºC
  • Fast response time
  • Energy-saving soft-closing mechanism