Pneumatic Hot Melt Hand Applicators

The application devices of the HB 720 series are optimised for high melting capacities. Three heating cartridges with a total output of 600 watts ensure that the tank, nozzle and cap are heated quickly and evenly. The shape, weight and ergonomics were developed for fatigue-free work. The devices have a new, patented and unique level control, which reliably indicates when to refill hot-melt adhesive.

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HB 720 Spray

If materials have to be bonded together over a large area, the spray version is selected. With the spray version of the HB 720, different spray applications patterns can be realised.

  • Wafer-thin spray film and thus lower consumption of hot-melt adhesive
  • Process reliability through a consistent spray pattern
  • Large-area application

HB 720 Bead

The universal hand-held device for manual applications in a professional environment. It enables extreme productivity without the outlay for automation.

  • Process reliability through continuously adjustable temperature control +/- 1 °C
  • Integrated level control and thus extremely efficient operation
  • One-hand bayonet lock for optimum ease of use
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle for fatigue-free work

HB 720 K Dot and Bead

This model has an automatic temperature reduction function, which reduces the total energy consumption. The level indicator ensures that the entire adhesive is processed and that the cartridges are changed in good time but not too early. Suitable for all reactive hot-melt adhesives in 310 ml cartridges.

HB 720 K Spray

The HB 720 K can be used to process reactive hot melt adhesive, such as PUR or POR in the form of aluminium cartridges.

  • For bead, dot and surface application
  • One-hand bayonet lock
  • Automatic temperature-lowering mechanism for economical energy consumption
  • Very high melting capacity

HB 710 Bead HT (High Temperature)

The HB 710 HT - pneumatic adhesive gun for high-temperature use up to 250°C. Precise temperature controls and quick response time.


  • High-temperature up to 250ºC
  • Fast response time
  • Energy-saving soft-closing mechanism


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