Accessories for the HB 4000

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Heat-resistant protective gloves

Safe handling of hot glue: particularly cut and puncture resistant

  • EN 388:2016, mechanical risks, 4X43E
  • EN 407:2004, thermal risks, X2XXX
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fine knitted gloves
  • Medium latex coating on palm for a good grip

Silicone underlay

Mat made of durable and high-quality silicone. Due to the non-stick property of the silicone, the hot melt adhesive can be easily removed.

Pattern control system

Use of the pattern control system can save up to 30% hot melt adhesive, as the adhesive can be applied in a series of small dots or beads, instead of a single long bead.

  • Precise and consistent hot melt adhesive application
  • Intuitive operation via 7“ touch screen
  • High level of compatibility with all existing BÜHNEN application systems (tank systems and application heads)
  • Programming of up to 100 recipes

Spray air attachment kit with solenoid valve

  • For hand gun or spray application head
  • Setting a separate spray pressure
  • The spray air is heated
  • Available in different versions

Maintenance package

  • One sack (25kg) B41577.2 “cleaning adhesive”
  • One  0.7kg bottle F93492-01
  • 3 cleaning spatulas

Container for granulate adhesives

Rollable container for dry and clean storage for approx. 75 kg granulate

  • Easy mobile use
  • Avoidance of contamination
  • Protects your valuable melters


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