Our Philosophy

These days, there are countless materials which can be bonded using a variety of adhesion techniques. But the richer and more diverse the range of available materials is, the greater the challenge to find the ideal adhesive.

But no challenge is too great for BÜHNEN! As an owner-operated family business with a history going back over 90 years, we have brought our most passionate commitment to bear on modern hot melt adhesive bondings.

BÜHNEN philosophyBÜHNEN GmbH & Co. KG has become an international full service company and a leading provider of handheld hot melt adhesive applicators - a development which is due to constant optimisation and our top-quality service. We are constantly developing new and exciting solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Our comprehensive range of adhesives, application technology and accessories is now being used in more than 100 industrial sectors.

With the exception of our own companies in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands, BÜHNEN relies on dealers around the world to satisfy the fast-growing international demand for proven and innovative new hot melt adhesives and the corresponding applicators.

We offer the highest quality and maximum customer proximity. We always have a sales representative close to our customers. Because, for us, customer proximity means the dedication of our expertise and personal commitment entirely to the quest for customised solutions for your individual needs. This is what inspires us afresh every single day.

BÜHNEN - Hot Melt is our Passion!