Accessories for the HB 5000

For the HB 5010, we offer a wide range of accessories. From the spray air adaptor kit to the balancer – here you will find everything that makes the HB 5010 even better.

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Balancer for hand gun

Balancer for hand gun for easier handling
Load capacity 2.0-4.5 kg

Holder with encapsulated switch

Holder with encapsulated switch. Interrupts the adhesive flow when hand gun is hung onto holder.
Also available as double variant.

Holder for hand-held device on tank system

Holder for the HB 5010. For practical attachment of the hand gun directly to the device.

Spray air adaptor kit for the HB 5010

Spray air adaptor kit for the HB 5010.
For the use of hand-held devices with spray nozzle.

Adaptor HB 5010, Nordson hose on BÜHNEN

Adaptor for the use of Nordson hoses on the BÜHNEN HB 5010.

Maintenance package

  • One sack (25kg) B41577.2 “cleaning adhesive”
  • One  0.7kg bottle F93492-01
  • 3 cleaning spatulas

Container for granule adhesives

Dry and, above all, clean storage for around 75kg of granules – no problem with our container.