Hot melt adhesives & devices for floristry

Mechanical hot melt glue guns are the ideal tools in floristry for making flower arrangements, wreaths, garlands and decorations.

Combined with the right adhesive, a little patience and natural materials, wonderful objects can be formed. A wide variety of materials, such as flowers, material, wood, plastics, ceramics or metal can be combined.  



The extensive product range of mechanical hot glue guns contains the right device for every hand size, every adhesive requirement and every price range.

With their advantageous equipment and especially long trigger, the glue guns ensure fatigue-free work and high melting capacity. Glue sticks with a diameter of 12 mm are used, which can be processed with the models HB 181, HB 191, HB 196 or HB 250.

In contrast, the HB 326, which works with 18 mm diameter sticks, is suitable for higher adhesive consumption.

The HB 181 LT (“Low Temperature”) glue gun is ideal for all decoration and handcraft work and serves as a reliable tool for florists.   .

A hand gun in the low temperature version is particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive materials such as flowers and styrofoam. The reduced application temperature of 120 °C is also advantageous when the adhesive has to be precisely applied and reshaped with the finger.

All glue guns have a drip-free nozzle so that the manufactured products are optically flawless.

In the case of applications requiring a high degree of advice, we will be pleased to discuss these with you on site.  

Our team of adhesive experts from the field service and the application technology laboratory are always at your side if you have any technical questions.


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