Hot Melt in Floristry and Decoration

klebstoff in der FloristikIn floristry glue guns are ideal tools for creating flower arrangements, wreaths, garlands and decorations. A wide variety of materials including flowers, fabrics, wood, plastics, earthenware or metal can simply be bonded using hot melt adhesives.

Reliable tools made for professionals tailored to florist's application

The broad range of non-dripping professional glue guns from BÜHNEN enables safe, fatigue-free working and a high melting performance thanks to the low weight, long triggers and high performance heating elements. From the HB 181 and HB 191 basic models, to the HB 196 and HB 240 – the product line for 12 mm sticks includes solutions for any application. Additionally, the HB 325 – which works with glue sticks measuring 18 mm in diameter – is perfect for a higher adhesive consumption.

Low temperature

The HB 181 LT (“Low Temperature”) glue gun is ideal for any decorative and handicraft work and hence also a very reliable tool for florists. A low-temperature manual gun is the best choice especially for temperature-sensitive materials such as flowers and polystyrene. Since the lower application temperature of 120° C reduces risk of burns the LT gun is also perfect when the adhesive has to be applied with precision and postformed by hand.

 All BÜHNEN glue guns are made for professionals and are thus very reliable in daily work. We do offer also a wide range of suitable hot melt adhesives for applications in floristry.