Sustainable hot-melt adhesives

Sustainable work with hot-melt adhesives – for the love of nature 

Low-temperature hot-melt adhesives

These adhesives can be applied at a temperature of around120° to140 °C, whereas conventional hot-melt adhesives require 160° to 175°C. Adhesives with lower application temperatures also reduce the risk of break through on thinner substrates. The low-temperature hot-melt adhesives are particularly suitable for the packaging of temperature-sensitive goods, e.g. chocolate.

When less energy is required to heat pipes and tanks, CO2 emissions decrease and our customers come one step closer to their sustainability goals.

Advantages of low-temperature adhesives

Lower risk of burns during processing

Use on temperature-sensitive materials / surfaces

Packaging of temperature-sensitive goods


Reduction of CO2 emissions

Our product selection

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive D3043 LT

Universally applicable pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive for fixing and assembly in many branches of industry. Particularly well suited for applications in the low temperature range.

  • Good adhesion for assembly applications
  • Good adhesion properties, e.g. PE film
  • Barely visible glue joint
  • For temperature-sensitive surfaces
  • Resource-saving

avenia B3570 LT

Versatile hot-melt adhesive for industrial applications in the packaging industry, such as crates, trays, cardboard packaging and folding cartons.

  • Low processing temperature 120 – 140 °C
  • Low odour
  • Short setting time
  • Very good oxidation stability

avenia B3571 LT

Versatile hot-melt adhesive for industrial applications, particularly suited for bonds in the packaging industry, including deep-freeze packaging, as well as display production.

  • Low processing temperature 130 – 150 °C
  • For difficult surfaces
  • Low odour
  • Medium setting time with very good oxidation stability

A1637 LT

Particularly suitable for packaging of heat-sensitive packaging goods (e.g. chocolate)

  • Low processing temperature of 120 - 150 °C
  • FDA guideline 175.105
  • Low odour

A2738-300 LT

The EVA product alternative with a low processing temperature in a 300 mm stick version.

  • Low processing temperature for sensitive surfaces
  • Ideal for floristry and light assembly applications
  • Processing temperature 120 - 180 °C
  • FDA guideline 175.105