Compatible Hotmelt Application Heads

Application heads are used for automated operations. If material costs need to be reduced for larger quantities, the precision of a manual gun application is insufficient; available space do not allow for manual application or the adhesive application has to be monitored, then different types of application heads are used. They are then component parts (e.g. of a packaging machine) and are integrated into the master SPS control system. In the majority of cases, the application heads are integral and the work piece is positioned underneath them.

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B401/44-BS20 Surface application head

The one4all B401-BS20 enables the application of an adhesive film up to 20 mm wide.

  • Compatible with Nordson and Robatech
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Incl. 1 BS20 module
  • Air opening / Spring closing

HB 11 Micro application head - Bead

With its narrow module, the HB 11 is used for particularly fast cycle times. The HB 11 is compatible with Nordson.

  • narrow
  • very fast
  • non-drip
  • one4all

B401/44 Application head – Bead

For dot and bead application, incl. Module B400

  • Compatible with Nordson, Robatech, Meltex or HHS
  • Suitable for BÜHNEN melters
  • Overall width 44 mm

Swivel application head B402-84V, Bead

The B402-84V application head has two individually swivelling modules. These enable an adjustable bead spacing of 14 – 60 mm.

  • Compatible with Nordson, Robatech and BÜHNEN
  • For dot and bead application
  • Variable adjustment of the module (swivelling)

B404/90-22-22-22 Application head – Bead

Application head with four modules for dot and bead application

  • Compatible with Nordson
  • Suitable for BÜHNEN melters
  • Overall width 90 mm

B401/28-F Application head – Bead / Surface

For dot, bead and surface application, incl. Module B400, Overall width 28 mm.

  • Compatible with Nordson, Robatech and Meltex
  • Suitable for BÜHNEN melters

B34S Spray application head

The one4all B34S is available with PT100 or Ni120 temperature sensors, optionally also with PT100 in a 230 V version. The speciality of the B34S is narrow spray widths.

  • Compatible with Nordson and Meltex
  • Suitable for BÜHNEN
  • For spray application
  • Incl. 0.6 mm spray nozzle and solenoid valve

B301-F-TL Spray application head

The B301-F-TL application head has two heating cartridges that guarantee rapid heat-up. The spray application width is 10 – 40 mm.

  • Compatible with Nordson and Robatech
  • For spray application
  • With integrated filter

B45-70 Surface application head

With the one4all B45-70, an adhesive film of up to 68 mm wide can be applied.

  • Compatible with Nordson 3000 series and ProBlue
  • Incl. 1 – 2 control elements (modules)
  • Air opening / air closing for excellent tear-off behaviour
  • Incl. solenoid valve/s


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