Compatible Hotmelt Modules

With our product line one4all we offer a wide range of compatible modules from own production for hot melt applicator systems of Nordson, Robatech and ITW Dynatec.

The modules are placed in front of the body of the gun and are responsible for regulating the flow of hot melt adhesive. Inside there is a piston with a valve needle which can open or close the adhesive flow.

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Module B400

The B400 standard module for point and bead application. Available in numerous module variants.

  • Compatible with Nordson H200 / H400 series and SolidBlue S
  • Compatible with Robatech AX100 series
  • Compatible with ITW Dynatec

Module B400-LL

The B400-LL module for dot and bead application with fast switching cycles. Available in numerous module versions:

  • Compatible with Nordson H440 series / SolidBlue A
  • Compatible with Robatech
  • Available as high temperature version
  • Available as Zero Cavity version

spray module B200

The modules of the B200 series enable a controlled, surface-covering and relatively sharp-edges spray application.

  • Compatible with Nordson H200
  • Standard spray module
  • incl. 2 cylinder head screws (M5)

Spray module B34S

The B34S spray module for hot melt adhesive spray application is supplied with a 0.6 mm spray nozzle.

  • Compatible with Nordson and Meltex EP34S
  • Incl. air nozzle and union nut


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