Compatible Hotmelt Pumps

In our one4all product division we offer you a wide ranging assortment of compatible piston pumps produced by us for hot melt adhesive applicators from the manufacturers Nordson and Robatech.

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Piston pump NS30

Double-acting piston pump for Nordson melters.

  • Compatible with Nordson series 2000 / 2300 / 3000
  • Gear ratio 14:1
  • Special seal for processing high-viscosity media

Kolbenpumpe NS-PB

Doppeltwirkende Kolbenpumpe für die Nordson Schmelzgeräte.

  • kompatibel zu Nordson Serie ProBlue
  • Übersetzung 14:1
  • Spezialdichtung zur Verarbeitung hochviskoser Medien

Piston pump RB

Double-acting piston pump for (KPC12) for Robatech melters.

  • Compatible with Robatech Concept A + B
  • Gear ratio 12:1
  • Maintenance-free piston-cylinder system

Service kit – Pump piston seal, standard

The pump piston seal service kit contains all the correct spare and wear parts required for maintenance.

  • Compatible with Nordson series 2300 / 3000
  • For piston pumps with pneumatic switching
  • Piston pumps with 14:1 gear ratio


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