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A1637 LT

Advantages and equipment features

Particularly suitable for packaging of heat-sensitive packaging goods (e.g. chocolate)

  • Low processing temperature of 120 - 150 °C
  • FDA guideline 175.105
  • Low odour


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Adhesive basis EVA
Processing temperature 120 – 150 °C
Sprayable No
Delivery Forms Granules

Application Areas

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This packaging hot melt is well suited for paper, cardboard and coated cardboard; coated surfaces must be checked individually.

The A41637 is particularly suited for bonds in the packaging industry, such as deep-freeze packaging, coated cardboard boxes and heat-sensitive materials (e.g. chocolate) for “low temperature” applications.

The EVA alternative with a low processing temperature. Lower energy consumption leads to reduced CO2 emissions.

Due to its low viscosity, it has a low thread tension and produces a clean tear-off at the nozzle.  

The raw materials used comply with FDA guideline 175.105 for the outer packaging of food.

Note: Slight colour variations can occur with adhesives, depending on the raw materials and processes used.

Type Basis Delivery form Suitable application techniques
A41637 EVA Granules Pneumatic hand guns, melters
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