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Micro-Application head HB 11

Building width only 18 mm For demanding applications with confined space availability Suitable for very high cycling frequencies

  • With integrated filter (100mesh)
  • Incl. HB 1 module (with UNF 3/8" thread
  • for use with standard nozzles)
  • Incl. solenoid valve (incl. silencer, air nipple and power lead)
  • Nozzle separate

Application head B401/44-LL-F

Building width 44 mm with integrated filter

  • incl. B400-LL module (NKT0107)
  • Solenoid valve and nozzle separate

Spray Application Head B301-F-TL

with integrated filter incl. B200 spray module (NKT0108)

  • incl. T-piece for spray air
  • Solenoid valve and jet separate

avenia B43256

Our hot melt adhesive for absorption of high restoring forces – with a short pressure time.

  • Good flowability
  • Optimized handling with 14 kg cartons
  • Suitable for filling warm containers