Batteriewechsel HB 910A malfunction on a handset can sometimes be quite simply explained: for example, if the pump on the tank does not start up when the trigger device is activated. In this case, no more hotmelt adhesive is applied at the handset. Possible reason: the transmitter battery in the handset is discharged.

It's easy to change the battery in the handset yourself when the housing is closed.

The replaceable battery in the handset body provides the transmission electronics with power. The transmission electronics transmits the signal to start the pump in the tank by radio.

You will need: 1 crosshead screwdriver, 1 match or similar
Material: 1 lithium battery 3V, Type CR 2032

To replace the transmitter battery, please carry out the following steps:

Batteriewechsel HB 910

  1. Undo and remove the crosshead screw.
  2. Remove the cover.
  3. Push the battery out of the handle using a match or a plastic pin as shown. (do not use a metal object to do this!)
  4. Push the new battery into the handle. Note the battery polarity when doing so!
  5. Insert the cover again.
  6. Fix the cover in place using the crosshead screw.
  7. Dispose of the empty battery in an environmentally-friendly manner.