Replacing the LDH0129 O-ring with the LDH0117 on the HB 700KD and HB 700 K spray

The previous O-ring on the LDH0129 punching pin (6.07 x 1.78mm) has been replaced by the LDH0117 O-ring (6x2mm).
Austausch eines O-Rings

Replacing the O-ring on the punching pin in the area of the melting container floor means the cartridge’s production tolerances are evened out better. The new O-ring significantly reduces or even virtually eliminates the risk of melt adhesive leakage.

Detail des O-Rings

If you order the LDH0129 in the future from an old replacement list, it will be automatically replaced with the current LDH0117 O-ring.

The current replacement parts order list is available to download from our website.