Application Heads

Application heads are used for automated operations. If material costs need to be reduced for larger quantities; the precision of a manual gun application is insufficient, available space do not allow for manual application or the adhesive application has to be monitored, then different types of application heads are used. They are then component parts (e.g. of a packaging machine) and are integrated into the master SPS control system. In the majority of cases, the application heads are integral and the work piece is positioned underneath them.

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Micro-Application head HB 11

for 3/8" UNF nozzles with one module

  • Mac 5/2- way solenoid valve
  • Head holder for 10-12 mm round bar
  • with filter / optional inline filter
  • without nozzle

Application head HB 20 bead

for 3/8" UNF nozzles with one module

  • MAC 230 V, 3/2-way solenoid valve
  • Head holder for 7-12 mm round bar
  • without filter / optional inline filter
  • Hose connection SA 8

Spray Application Head HB 30

  • MAC 24 V, 3/2 -way solenoid valve with connection to HB 5010 & HB 6000
  • Integrated filter
  • PT 100 sensor

Spray Application Head with integrated Air Heater

  • Integrated air preheater
  • Head holder for 12 mm round bar
  • Spray width: approx. 10-300 mm

bead application head DK 1/30 HT

for 3/8" UNF nozzles with a control element and needle stroke adjustment

  • including solenoid valve mounting set and solenoid valve Airtech 24 V
  • Head holder for 10 mm round bar and hose connection SA 8
  • in high temperature version up to 250°C
  • without nozzle