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Heatable hoses for application heads - Spray


Advantages and equipment features

Heatable hose for spray application heads in combination with melters.

  • Standard temperature sensor PT100
  • Up to 200 °C in the standard version
  • Lengths 1.2 m – 6.0 m


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Length 1.2 – 6.0 m
Operating Voltage 230 V
Temperature sensors PT 100, Ni120, FeCuNi
Operating temperature 200 °C

Application Areas

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The heatable KS hoses serve as a heated and flexible transport path for hot-melt adhesives from a melter to a spray application head or a HB 950 Spray bar-handgun.

The hoses are available in different lengths and nominal widths (= diameter of the hose inner core. If you cannot find the required length, please contact us.

In addition, the hoses are available in versions with different temperature sensors (PT100, Ni120, FeCuNi, NTC), as well as in numerous plug variants and a wide variety of screw connections.

Standard: PT100 Sensor, TPE protective sleeve

Optional: Corrugated polyamide protective sleeve, high temperature version up to 250 °C, PUR version, and exchangeable inner core.

Article number Designation Application form Length
KS1201M Heatable hose Spray 1.2 m
KS1501M Heatable hose Spray 1.5 m
KS1801M Heatable hose Spray 1.8 m
KS2401M Heatable hose Spray 2.4 m
KS3001M Heatable hose Spray 3.0 m
KS4501M Heatable hose Spray 4.5 m
KS6001M Heatable hose Spray 6.0 m
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