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Container for granulate adhesives

Advantages and equipment features

Rollable container for dry and clean storage for approx. 75 kg granulate

  • Easy mobile use
  • Avoidance of contamination
  • Protects your valuable melters


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Dimensions 530 x 510 x 850 mm

Application Areas

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The open storage of granulate adhesives harbours the risk of contamination, which can cause damage to pumps, nozzles and other components of your melters. With our rollable adhesive container, you prevent contamination by dust and foreign bodies and, at the same time, you can easily move large quantities of granulate between several tank systems.

The container has a capacity of over 75 kg and has a slide-in foil for the adhesive data sheet.

Article number Designation Capacity
YDN0052 Granulate container 75 kg
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