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Nozzle block Sika, complete

Advantages and equipment features

The Sika nozzle block is screwed directly onto the HB 720 K.

  • Bead application
  • Ø 3.0 mm
  • For SikaMelt® cartridges


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Diameter 3.0 mm

Application Areas

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If SikaMelt® cartridges are processed with the HB 720 K bead, the existing nozzle block must be replaced.  The Sika nozzle block can be screwed on and is pre-assembled with a cone nozzle, which has a diameter of 3.0 mm.

Note: If the article is to be used, the standard nozzle block of the HB 720 K must first be removed from the device.

Article number Diameter Compatible with Suitable application technique
H206288 3.0 mm SikaMelt® cartridges HB 720 K
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