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Heat-resistant protective gloves

Advantages and equipment features

Safe handling of hot glue: particularly cut and puncture resistant

  • EN 388:2016, mechanical risks, 4X43E
  • EN 407:2004, thermal risks, X2XXX
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fine knitted gloves
  • Medium latex coating on palm for a good grip

Application Areas

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Technical properties in accordance with EN 388

  • Abrasion resistance: 0-4
  • Cut resistance: 0-4/X
  • Tear resistance: 0-4
  • Puncture resistance: 0-4
  • EN-ISO cut resistance: A-F
  • EN shock protection: yes / no

An elastic band on the wrist ensures an optimal fit.

Available in Size 10.

Article Number Designation Size Protection standard
AVM0224 Heat-resistant protective gloves 10 EN 407:2004

Important: The evaluation does not represent a legally binding statement about the actual suitability for use. Please note the respective EN standards with the test code number of the individual gloves here in the text of the detail view.

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