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Workstation HB 710

Benefits and Features

Work console with maintenance unit, trip valve and foot valve

Application Areas

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For stationary work with the HB 120 series. The hand-held devices are installed in the secure device stand. The mains plug of the HB 710 is connected directly to the workstation.

The workstation includes a pressure regulator, a trip valve and a foot valve. A spacer plate on the stand can be adjusted to optimise the work area.

Working with the foot switch enables hands-free working with the workpiece to be glued.

The pressure regulator display is affixed to the station and clearly visible. With the regulator, the air pressure can be set precisely for a consistent application.  

The group can be optionally expanded to include a time control. This enables a reproducible application quantity per activation.


Article number Dimensions Suitable application technique
H206540 501 x 255 x 155 mm HB 720 K

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