Bonding of insulation material

Numerous materials are used in the insulation industry: Non-woven fabrics, foils, foams and mineral wool are used to protect against cold, heat and water.

Hot-melt adhesives serve as assembly aids in production, are used for short-term fixation or are long-term connectors. Every application and every material has its own challenges.

We are happy to advise you – in accordance with the particular application, application technology and the holt-melt adhesive.  

Roof / Wall

Verklebung im Dachbau

  • Lamination of roof underlay sheets by means of hot-melt adhesive on the basis of thermoplastic rubber.
    Our adhesive solution D51887:
    Very high surface tack and strong immediate adhesion.
  • Fitting of the roof underlay sheets with self-adhesive strips for easier handling.  The hot-melt adhesive is equipped with UV absorber.
    Our adhesive solution D62952:
    Very high tack, excellent cold and heat resistance, low odour at room temperature, UV stable.



Verklebung von Rohren

  • Affixing of self-adhesive seam using hot-melt adhesive. Fast and easy processing on site by simple removal of the silicone paper.
    Our adhesive solution D52793:
    Very high and permanent surface tack, as well as good low temperature flexibility.



Verklebung von Fussböden

  • Bonding of polystyrene (Styropor) to foil in the production of impact sound insulation and surface heating systems.
    Our adhesive solution D62779:
    High tack and low odour at room temperature.



Verklebung im Keller

  • Bonding of glass fibre fleece for laminating of perimeter insulation boards with sprayable hot-melt adhesive.  
    Our adhesive solution B61052.1:
    Very long open time, very suitable for bonding large areas.
  • Fitting with self-adhesive strips for fast and easy processing of drainage foils.
    Our adhesive solution D61631.1:
    The adhesive on the basis of thermoplastic rubber has a high inherent tack. It has good elasticity and UV resistance.