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EVA-Hotmelt A1189

Advantages and equipment features

The hot-melt adhesive has its applications in industry, floristry, household and hobby.

  • Standard floristic glue
  • Wide open-time window
  • Easy assembly bonding
  • Colour: white-transparent


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Adhesive basis EVA
Delivery Forms 12mm sticks
Processing temperature 170 - 210 °C

Application Areas

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Note: Adhesives are natural products and may vary slightly in colour.

The adhesive is white-transparent and has good adhesion to many materials, such as wood, wood-based materials, paper, cardboard, textiles, glass, ceramic and plastics such as melamine, PS, PVC, PMMA, PC and PU foam.


Typ Base Delivery form Application devices
A21189 EVA Sticks, Ø ca.12 mm mechanical glue gun
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