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EVA adhesive A2075.1

Advantages and equipment features

The hot-melt adhesive is used in industry, floristry, household and hobby.

  • Universal for household, hobby and floristry
  • Water-clear and flexible
  • Light to medium assembly bonding
  • Available in 200 & 300 mm lengths


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Adhesive basis EVA
Delivery Forms 12 mm sticks
Processing temperature 170 - 190 °C

Application Areas

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Note: Slight colour deviations can occur with adhesives, depending on the raw materials and processes used.  

Clear, flexible adhesive with short open and setting times. It demonstrates good adhesion to wood, paper, cardboard, textiles and plastics, PS and PVC.  

The raw materials used comply with FDA guideline 175.105 for the outer packaging of food.

Typ Base Delivery forms Application devices
A22075.1 EVA Sticks, Ø approx. 12 mm Mechanical glue guns
A22075.1-300 EVA Sticks, Ø approx. 12 mm, 300 mm length Mechanical glue guns
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